A young mother’s cold case murder leads to changes in Texas’ 911 system, but her killer remains at large.

D’Lisa Kelley in 2014 (Source: Facebook — “Justice for D’Lisa Kelley”)

Imagine being pocket-dialed by a family member, you answer the phone, and you hear them hysterically pleading for their life as someone attacks them. “Stop, stop!” they scream as their attacker tells them to “shut up”. The call then ends.

Frantic, you dial 911, however, the police do not seem…

A missing child’s family sets out to find him, but a national tragedy disrupts their efforts in the worst way possible.

Zachary Bernhardt disappeared exactly one year before 9/11 (Disappeared’s ‘About a Boy’).

September 10th, 2000, was supposed to be a fun night for 28-year-old Leah Hackett and her 8-year-old son, Zachary Bernhardt. After a marathon of working the night shift, Leah was granted a rare privilege–a night off. The mother and son were ecstatic to finally spend some quality time together, especially…

Four set sail, but only one returns to dry land–what happened to the other three?

(from left to right: Serena Karlan, Bison Dele né Brian Williams, and Bertrand Saldo) (source)

After several years in the NBA, Brian Williams was known as a rising star. During the 1997–1998 season, he set a career record by averaging sixteen points and nine rebounds per game. His sudden improvement in the ranks attracted the attention of both fans and the NBA itself. By 1998…

A woman stops at nothing to find her missing daughter–but then another tragedy strikes.

Keeshae Eunique Jacobs, 21, has not been seen since September 26, 2016 (Source).

The bond Toni Jacobs shared with her two children–Deavon and Keeshae–would have to be felt to be understood. To an outsider, the family of three could easily be mistaken for a group of close friends, as their bond was, without a doubt, in the same league.

Deavon was born on…

The single father disappeared after completing a Craigslist sale in a faraway town.

Zack, (pictured above) was last seen in Coos County, Oregon (KVAL).

Zachary Bashir Porter, or Zack for short, had an abundance of people who cared about him. If you met the 25-year-old, you would realize exactly why. In addition to being the caretaker for both his grandmother and mother, he also cared for his son. …

Not just one or two sentences, but my entire articles–verbatim.

Ugh. Why me?

Hello everyone, Corey here. This is a different type of article (although I see it more as a post) as you can tell.

I started writing on Medium back in March of this year. I wanted to turn my interest in finding the missing into something helpful, so I decided…

Authorities believe the 19-year-old was murdered, could her disappearance be connected to the murders of other women in her state?

Samantha Clarke, 19, was last seen in Orange County, Virginia on September 14, 2010 (NBC).

On a September evening in 2010, Barbara Tinder took one last look around the house as she got ready for work. She had been given the overnight shift, so she knew she had to check on her two children Samantha and Hunter before she left.

Samantha Clarke, her daughter, sat…

Did the 18-year-old fall victim to being on the wrong side of town, or is the truth much closer to home?

Roxanne Paltauf (left) was last seen with her boyfriend, Louis Walls (right) at a Budget Inn off I-35 in Austin, Texas (truecasefiles).

“Have you seen Roxanne?” Louis Walls asked.

With just four words, Elizabeth Harris’ world imploded. What was Louis talking about? Roxanne Paltauf, Lizzy’s daughter, was supposed to be with him, her boyfriend of two years. She asked Louis to elaborate and as he spoke, panic set in.

Much to her…

After an argument with his grandmother, the 18-year-old stormed out of the house, never to be seen again.

Jarrod Johnston (Kiley’s True Crime Space)

The summer of 2007 was supposed to be fun for the Johnston children. They would spend it in their hometown of Yazoo City for an overdue reunion with their old friends. Young Brittany Johnston was most excited to be staying with her grandmother, but her step-brother, Jarrod, seemed unusually quiet…

Moments before her disappearance, the 17-year-old called her boyfriend and told him she was being stalked.

San Antonio’s Westside neighborhood (NextCity).

Home to the communities of Avenida Guadalupe, Collins Garden, Prospect Hill, and San Juan Gardens, it hosts large amounts of San Antonio’s population. The city of San Antonio itself declared West Side a “significant part of San Antonio’s center for Hispanic culture” due to both its cultural history and beautiful…

Corey Sobell

I’m a fourth year at Elon University where I study creative writing and criminal justice. My goal is to help shed light on the epidemic of missing people.

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